The opening to your attic.
Maximum weight to Lift: 100 lbs
Voltage necessary 120 volts AC, Switch used with attic light will turn power on and off.

Installation Required

Install with screws provided(10 – 12) along metal base. Holes in base run along edge.


A person on the garage floor will either place the hook of the cable on the item or wrap the strap onto the object, and then have the person in the attic operate the UP switch.

The bringing items down from the attic is just the reverse of the above.

Some Items that can be lifted

Battery chargers, vacuum cleaners, golf bags, seasonal clothing, garden tools, bicycles, and much more.


The hoist is warranted for twelve months. If the hoist needs to be replaced, you e-mail us for an Authorized Return. We will provide you with an address for the return. Upon the receipt of Hoist, we will ship a replacement. We pay the shipping for the replacement. The Hoist is attached with four screws.